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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why the Occupy movement will ultimately fail

Tonight, Jon Stewart showed a photo of some knucklehead who felt it necessary to shit on the side of an NYC police cruiser, you know, because that's what the 99% feels. Except, of course, all those who were outraged six weeks ago because the NYC police and fire departments were not invited to the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks -- they were our buddies, then.
The basic problem with the current liberal ideology is their need to be all-inclusive. It's a black-and-white perspective on a world filled with gray. Not everybody needs to be invited to the party, and doing so does not necessarily make us stronger. For every well-thought, well-articulated perspective on this issues from participants, there is some dumb-ass protesting because they want to cause a ruckus. The "movement" is completely undefined, and that is why it will ultimately fail. As Steve Martin said in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, "You know when you're telling these little stories? Here's a good idea: have a point." Have a clue what it is you're protesting, and even more important, be prepared to offer a solution other than pointing out how bad the other guy is doing. Funny this tactic was not acceptable when the left was the target, but now it is. Be better than that and you might accomplish something.
As part of the 99%, I'm also aware of how much of the legitimate burden is bourne by the 1%. Yes, it hurts me more than it does them, but let's not act like they're not paying, either. I'm never going to be in the upper 50%, and that's a choice I've made and I'm comfortable with. Having my quality of life has always been more important to me than making the sacrifices necessary to be "rich." I have a job that I like that allows me to make a difference and I'm pretty good at it. I eat, have an occasional beverage, play on the computer, have a house, and basically get by. That was not always the case for me, and I get the righteous indignation. At the same time, I also made it a point to understand the issues of the day. Many (if not the majority) of these mutton heads currently protesting know no more about the issues currently challenging our world than they do about bathing.
Here's my tip: Till you actually understand the issues enough to intelligently articulate your position and maybe even offer a solution, shut the fuck up and keep your ass mounds off the police cruisers.


  1. If it is the violence factor that concerns many with the seriousness of 'occupy' movement, there are many who continue to attest to the overall peacefulness they've examined from the protestors first-hand and probably would then say that one bad apple doesn't contaminate the tree etc, etc. Insert media projection here. However, if police violence were to further spark from this movement I would agree that the people would side with the police over the protestor's apparent ignorance.

    There's a general assumption that the protestors think they're starting a quintessential revolution to where they can find financial equality. If we look back on and compare it to the American Revolution, no, the protestors are not informed and are not providing any legitimate solutions. There is definitely an ample amount of protestors who are there to be a minority-majority and to chant 'this is what democracy looks like' without the least bit of understanding how sheepishly simple their answers to their problems with democracy are.

    To put things embarrassingly simple: when a child is sick the mother doesn't ask “what prescription do you need?” The important thing to look at is the water displaced by the element added. In other words, perhaps we need to focus less on the ignorance of their political bias and more on the idea of a structural change that the weight of these people are insinuating