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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recently, after deciding I was much more productive before my overpriced cable TV, I made the decision to cancel. In truth, there was more to the story: the DVR I was also paying for failed twice and that was enough to irritate me to the point of canceling. I had intended to purchase an subscription so that I could still watch the Red Sox, the only thing I really had the TV for. I was just reviewing the subscription plan, only to discover that ALL local games are blacked out for live broadcasts. This is asinine to the Nth degree. I could understand it if they were broadcasting for free, but if you're going to charge for the service, how, in good conscience, can they black out the broadcast? Of all the low-brow, back-handed broadcasting maneuvers, this might be the lowest. Here's an idea:, just charge me to watch online -- I don't want a fucking TV! Instead, I'm relegated to the WEEI broadcasts. That wouldn't be so bad if the signal were a bit stronger at my house. Not that MLB actually gives a shit about its fans, but this is something they should seriously consider fixing. Hell, charge three times what your charging, but let me see my team.

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